Healthy Holiday Party Tips

Chances are you worked your butt off in the gym and dodged a few desserts to rock that party dress or suit, so why throw it all away with non-stop party noshing. Well, it turns out you can have your party and your six-pack too if you follow these tips from Michael Gombrich, a strength coach in Phoenix. Here, Michael dishes on healthy party dos:

Let’s be honest. The best part about the holidays (other than the presents) is the food. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and every Ugly Sweater party in between, food is all around us. Not only that, most of it is delicious! Here’s how to navigate the food table without having to navigate for new clothes.

1. Start with veggies – Most parties have appetizers out to keep guests’ ravenous appetites at bay. Eat more vegetables to get in a hearty dose of fiber, nutrients and minimize your cravings. However, that gallon of Ranch dressing is not your friend.
2. Swig lots of water– Don’t forget that water is a liquid, and liquids take up volume (thanks physics!). After every bite, take a swig of water. You’ll eat slower, causing your brain to realize you’re not hungry any more.
3. Pregame ritual – No, not as in drink a 6 pack before the big game. Eat a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts before you leave. Any food packed with nutrients is always a better choice than the pumpkin pie calling your name.
4. Indulge a little – It’s the holidays! Cheat meals are incorporated into every good diet for a reason. Go the party and enjoy the food and the fun. Just make sure everything in moderation!

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  1. I always struggle with drinking enough water. Tons of coffee in the morning and a few glasses of wine at night. The next day my body lets me know it though.

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