The Best Foods to Fuel Up!

We gobble down food to stop hunger pains and satisfy cravings, but foods does a lot more than fill you up. Need a morning pick me up? How about a memory boost? Or maybe a skin lift? The right eats can achieve each of the above – and more!

Fuel your morning with oatmeal
Goldilocks was onto something with oatmeal. The great grain is the perfect start to the day. High in fiber and rich in nutrients, the carbs in oatmeal help kick you into gear in the a.m., but unlike the sugar crash that comes with, say, donuts, the energy in oatmeal has staying power. The grains provide a steady stream of glucose that not only fuels your muscles, it powers your brain. Plus the fiber helps balance blood sugar levels to keep you alert and focused. Filled with feel-good B vitamins, oats also increase the production of serotonin, a mood-boosting neurotransmitter that can turn even a night hawk into a morning person.

Fuel your memory with eggs
Incredible edible eggs are small but mighty. Just one oval office has only 70 calories but is crammed with 6 grams protein, plus B vitamins, vitamin D and choline. Never heard of choline? You’re not alone. Studies show that more than 90% of Americans are choline-deficient, yet it’s essential for the normal function of all cells, especially the signaling function of cell membranes (translation: it’s key for brain development and memory). And since most of the choline is concentrated in the yolks, no need to order egg-white omelets.

Fuel your immune system (and sex drive!) with Oysters
Oysters have one thing that sets them apart from all other food: zinc. The pint-sized sea dwellers deliver more zinc per serving than other food. Not only does this micro-mineral help balance blood sugars, according to one study, the immune-booster can stave off cold symptoms. And here’s another zinger: Zinc may also add zing to your sex life. Not only is the magic mineral believed to lift the libido, zinc aids in semen and testosterone production in men and may have a hand in fertility in women.

Fuel your workout with bananas
Sure, we’re smarter than monkeys (duh!), but we could learn a lesson or two from our primate cousins when it comes to consuming bananas. Known to pack a potassium punch, a key mineral for gym junkies since it’s essential for muscle function, nerve transmission and protein metabolism. By upping your potassium, your body is better able to stay hydrated – something that’s essential for exercise enthusiasts, especially in the desert.

Fuel your skin with salmon
No doubt you’ve heard that salmon is good for your ticker. The essential fatty acids in fish have been show to lower blood pressure, boost “good” cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. And it can also boost your complexion! Omega 3s work from the inside out to moisturize the skin (ladies and gents, they also act as a natural lub!). Salmon has another skin trick up its sleeve: dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE), a compound that boosts cognitive function, mood and skin tone. No wonder anti-aging potions boasting the magic ingredient are crowding beauty shelves.

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  • Emily-Jane says:

    I agree with you on all these foods – I eat salmon a couple of times a week and swear by it as a quality food….have to try some oysters soon, I think 🙂

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