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pregnant belly

Singing the post-pregnancy blues due to post-pregnancy baby weight?  Well, we've got the latest trend helping hot mamas get back their bikini body.

There’s nothing like giving birth to a beautiful baby—a priceless gift of life; right?  Sorry to be a buzz-kill, but along with that newborn joy, undoubtedly comes new-found flaws… stretch marks, saggy skin, and yes—“changed” breasts.  That’s why mommy makeovers are the hottest thing to sweep the Valley, as women jump on the beautifying bandwagon post pregnancy. 

"Women have a lot of changes that occur to the body after pregnancy, including fat growth in new areas.  Unfortunately, a lot of these things are not responsive to diet and exercise," said Dr. Robert Cohen, Board-certified Plastic Surgeon.

New baby, new body—that’s the motto behind Dr. Robert Cohen’s mommy magic.  Dr. Cohen runs the Scottsdale Center for Plastic Surgery, providing guys and gals with an array of cosmetic procedures.  But putting aside the basic boob job, Dr. Cohen says the latest thing Valley vixens are requesting is a bundle of operations known to re-vamp any new mom’s physique, and he’s giving us the scoop on those life-changing surgeries. 

"It's designed to get women back to the way they were before giving birth.  In my practice, more and more women are learning about this option and opting for it," he said.

Let’s start with the most obvious—post pregnant breasts.  Dr. Cohen says you'll want to wait at least 6 months after pregnancy to get breast surgery--and you'll definitely need to be done breast-feeding.  For a simple lift, the doctor says you'll experience a fairly simple recovery, and they typically start around $8,000. But when it comes to enhancements or reductions, he says things get much more complex.

"You're involving muscle so you'll have to be extra careful during the recovery process."

Onto the next puzzle piece of your mommy makeover--the tummy tuck.

If you have stretch marks, Dr. Cohen is the bearer of bad news--kind of.  He says there's not much you can do to make those tears in your skin disappear, but here's the bright side.

He says excess skin can be cured by tummy tucks--something you'll want to consider after having all your kids.  The ballpark $9,000+ procedure flattens out loose skin, leaving behind a minor scar. 
And you'll need to play hooky for about 2 weeks to recover.

"It can really bring a woman back to their old, youthful body."

The third and final part of the mommy makeover package is liposuction; simply put, the removal of fat. Dr. Cohen says this is a perfect choice for moms looking to get rid of love handles, or that fatty jiggle on your inner or outer thighs.  He infuses fluid through little injections into the skin, resulting in a soft, smooth, and skinny outcome.  On average,  lipo starts around $2,000.

But our Valley doc says many mommies consider these surgeries priceless.  Because of course, there's nothing like putting truth behind one hot mama.

For more information, visit: www.scottsdalecenterforplasticsurgery.com

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