Home Features Features Top 4 Most Common Household Pests in Phoenix and How to Rid Your Home of Them


Arizona is known for a lot of things, from alligators and snakes to lizards to awesome sights to see. It’s a dry place with tons to do and nice people to meet. However, just like everywhere else in America there are household pests to contend with, no matter what season of the year it is. The trick is in what you do to prevent them and get rid of them if, and when, they invade your home. With that in mind, read on below for a few of the most common household pests in Phoenix and how a little on how to rid your home of them.

Call in Reputable Pest Control

Before we talk about the types of pests that are common in Arizona homes, it’s a good idea to talk about calling in reputable pest control to prevent them from entering your home to begin with. The best pest control Phoenix has to offer can prevent the critters from coming into your home by setting up a preventive treatment plan based on the type of insects you are fighting.


Tarantulas are one of the most common pests in Arizona. They are most often found in sandy dry soil, open shrubs, and sparse grass. While they are submissive and not poisonous to humans at all, finding one in your bed isn’t something you want to do. Their bite can also be extremely painful as well. Calling in reputable pest control can help to eliminate the problem, as well as keeping the areas around your home clean and clutter free so the spiders are not attracted to the area.

Bed Bugs

At one time, bed bugs were pretty much eradicated, but in recent years they have come back with a vengeance. Having bed bugs does not mean that your home is dirty, even five-star hotels have had problems with them in the past. The bites from these tiny bugs can cause itchiness and problems sleeping. It takes a pest control professional and a ton of time to get rid of them once you have them. Prevention is iffy, but you can make sure not to put your suitcases or bags on the floor when you go places and never, ever buy a used mattress and bring it into your home.

Ticks and Fleas

As the summer months heat up, concerns with ticks and fleas run rampant in Arizona. Fleas are apt to attack your dogs and you will bring them into your house on your pants or on your pets. The most common tick found in Arizona is the brown dog tick. It is possible for the brown tick to spread diseases to dogs and humans. Bathing your dog and using preventive collars can help with this, along with having the professionals come and spray your yard to eliminate them.


Roaches are of course the number one problem in Arizona, as they are all over the world. 20 different kinds of roaches call Arizona home, with the most common being the brown banded and German cockroaches. Keeping a clean home and having an exterminator treat your home on a monthly basis can prevent roaches or eliminate them if you see any in your house.

These are just a few of the most common indoor pests in Arizona. Your best bet for keeping them out of your home and yard is to call a pest control company to take care of the problem for you, quickly, efficiently, and safely.