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This Saturday, Heart Ball 2012 brings together locals who are hoping to make a difference in the fight against heart disease and stroke. (The annual event takes place at The Phoenician at 6:30 p.m. For ticket information, visit www.phoenixheartball.org.) Here, AZFoothills.com got to know Lynne Love, chairman of Heart Ball 2012, and what to expect this Saturday.


AFM: Why did you get involved?

LL: What a blessing to be asked to join this dynamic by-invitation-only committee by the 2008 Chairman Nan Howlett. Having my last name be Love made me somewhat of a natural fit, but heart disease is also personal to me since my family is so affected by cardiovascular wellness. 

AFM: Has cardiovascular disease been something that has affected you?

LL: Precious Gram Ruby, Grandma Anna and Poppa George were all taken from me because of heart attacks and stroke. My dad has a stent. My mother and I both have mitral-valve prolapse. 

AFM: What are your obligations as Heart Ball chairman?

LL: It's easy to “Put A Little Love in my Heart,” which is this year's ball theme, for Heart Ball 2012. I have the great pleasure of leading the efforts of the over 100 committee members as we work together to raise funds and awareness of cardiovascular wellness for children and adults in Arizona. The proceeds we generate support missions of the American Heart Association, Phoenix, such as the Halle Heart Children's Museum.

AFM: What is your goal for the 2012 Heart Ball? Where do the event’s proceeds go?

LL: Heart Ball 2012’s committee goal is to raise funds and awareness for the American Heart Association in support of much-needed research and education for preventative measures such as diet, exercise and how to prevent heart attacks.

AFM: What can guests expect at the event?

LL: Our Heart Ball guests will be greeted with many surprises, visual and vocal delights and presents. The Gene Press Orchestra, an incredible New York society band will perform. The decor, dreamed up by White House Floral Design and committee member Melissa Leonesio and me, will be a magnificent visual feast. The menu, created by The Phoenician and visualized by committee member Ina Manaster will be mouthwatering. Molina Fine Jewelers have created a most special custom party gift just for the evening. Heart Ball 2012 will be a grand and magical evening with the Valley's movers and shakers enjoying this signature social event of the season, and a great tradition since 1959. 

AFM: What will you be wearing?

LL: I'm thrilled with the gown I'll wear. In the great tradition of past Heart Ball chairmen, it is an absolute secret until I step into the Heart Ball reception. It will be just one of the many traditions that makes the Heart Ball such a well-loved and highly respected event. 


In closing, Love would like to thank all the Heart Ball donors and supporters for the incredible outpouring of love and partnering on behalf of cardiovascular wellness for Arizona.