Villeroy & Boch New Bar Collection

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By • Aug 11th, 2010 • Category: Wine and Liquors

Whisky aficionados and epicures everywhere will delight in the sensory experience now made possible by Villeroy & Boch’s new Fine Flavour collection with two distinct lines—American Bar and Scotch Whisky.

By embracing the complexity of origin, the elegant crystal glassware complements the distinct flavors of various whisky varieties and is destined to be applauded by both connoisseurs and the occasional enthusiast.

Each line boasts exclusive Villeroy & Boch quality and optimum design, which carefully considers the variations in ingredients, production process, storage and origin of the whisky to be enjoyed from the superior crystal glassware.

The American Bar line features seven elegant pieces in a variety of sizes and was created to serve whiskey (with an “e”) distilled in America or Ireland. The simple design boasts a narrow mouth and thick base to keep ice cold and is the perfect accessory for serving whiskey cocktails straight or “on the rocks.”

The Scotch Whisky line has been specially created for more exclusive varieties. With four product groups, including Single Grain, Single Malt, Blended Scotch and Decanters, the classic contour and optimum shape enable the nose to fully absorb the aroma of the whisky.

Designed to complement the taste of any distinctive spirit, the Fine Flavour collection – available as a gift box set of two – will be available in stores and online in November.

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