Glassybaby- Candle Candy

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By • Apr 21st, 2011 • Category: Homes and Design

I tend to become most obsessed with decor items and flair that has no real use. It happens over and over. How often will I really use a hand mirror? Or hourglass? Geode slice? Any accessory from West Elm, basically.

Well, I’ve discovered the most fantastically beautiful little buy ever, that satisfies the need for more, more, more accessories. But unlike most of the decorative pieces out there, these are multi-functional and totally useable.


If a dog can have 10 green glassybaby, I want 10 green glassybaby.

Glassybaby ($40 each) are superheavy, unbreakable, one-of-a-kind blown-glass votive holders, that actually have many other uses. I have one I use as a tea light holder, but they can also be used for your favorite cocktail, to display flower buds, hold colored pencils or ice cream at a party.

Did I mention they come in 400+ colors? Some are sheer, some are opaque, some are two-toned. All are fabulous for mixing and matching, and they come with fabulous names like Peter Pan, Dijon, Jane’s Caramel and Lollypop.

If you had to pick one, which would you pick?

Good thing is, you don’t HAVE to pick just one.

The best part about Seattle-based Glassybaby is there is substance and philanthropy behind all that pretty colored glass. The creator of glassybaby is a three-time cancer survivor, and after burning pretty candles inspired her during some of her hardest times, she started the company to help inspire others. To date, she has donated nearly $500,000 from sales to charities dedicated to helping and healing cancer patients.

Buy, buy, buy! We all must.

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