Helicopter Charter now Available at Emerald Jet Charter

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By • Aug 2nd, 2010 • Category: Sports and Leisure

Emerald Jet Charter, a charter broker company specializing in worldwide executive business jet travel, has added helicopter travel to the options available to its clients, with helicopter charter booked on various sized aircraft to accommodate different ranges, travel needs, and price structures.

Emerald Jet Charter arranges helicopter travel to or from the three main heliports throughout Manhattan located Downtown, on 34th Street East, and on 30th Street West. Clients are booked on aircraft that efficiently fit their travel plans and offer choice amenities such as leather seats, Bose headsets, XM radio, and other comfort options. According to Tracy Nuzzo, President of Emerald Jet Charter, “Why book a jet or large helicopter and pay a higher price if you only need room for two people and bags for the weekend or business meeting? This is why we focus on tailoring the type of aircraft to fit our client’s needs. It helps them achieve their travel goals, while at the same time also helping the environment through using less fuel and our standard no-cost carbon offset program.”

Emerald Jet Charter organizes and books charter helicopter travel to a variety of locations outside the New York City area. “With the summer season, helicopter charter to the Hamptons has been in demand the most, but we’ve also received inquiries for helicopter travel to Atlantic City, Martha’s Vineyard, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington D.C., and other locations near New York,” said Nuzzo. “With the fall season approaching, I anticipate more interest in helicopter travel. Since you fly at a lower altitude, there’s no better way to view the changing colors of the season. From bachelor and bachelorette parties to a secluded couple’s escape, we provide personable aircraft operators who focus on safety first and who are always professional and reliable, treating passengers with outstanding customer service.”

When questioned if helicopter charter is the right solution for everyone, Nuzzo states, “Only you can determine the true value of your time. For instance, if you were going from the East Hamptons to JFK, you have the choice to spend five hours by car or make that same trip in 40 minutes by helicopter for around $1,500. If your net worth and extra time spent with family or friends is less than $300 an hour, it may not be your ideal choice. But if there is a higher value on your time, in the end, it’s the smarter solution.”

Emerald Jet Charter books sightseeing trips or flightseeing tours where passengers can customer tailor their trip to include sights around New York City including Manhattan, Staten Island, and Brooklyn plus locations throughout the tri-state area. Some helicopter charter package prices are available in the links area at www.emeraldjetcharter.com.

Emerald Jet Charter offers concierge services including limo transportation to and from heliport locations and assistance planning other on-location activities. Sample full-service helicopter packages that can be arranged include:

  •     Wedding Whisk-Away – transportation from reception location and to honeymoon destination
  •     Spa Serenity – land directly on spa property; day of spa services; helicopter flight back to heliport
  •     Martha’s Vineyard Day Out – land at grass airport; swimming on South Beach of Martha’s Vineyard; picnic or journey into Edgartown for lunch; return to helicopter for sunset return flight
  •     Atlantic City Getaway – transportation to and from hotel of choice; reservations and amenities pre-arranged to fit the trip (casino package, boardwalk package, spa and golf package)
  •     Business Builder – transportation between heliports with limo service to final office or home destinations as necessary
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