5 Hair Tips and a Claire Tip

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By • Apr 18th, 2011 • Category: Editor En Route Feature

Which one are you most jealous of?

I has another visit to my fave new hair place this weekend- Drybar! I want to just try every single style. If you haven’t gone yet, try it out with this special deal fromĀ AFM: 50% off at Drybar! It’s good for first-time Drybar clients on Sunday through Thursday when you also order a floater. And trust me, you want a floater. This time I got a Southern Comfort/Mai Tai for big, messy hair. Next time I think I’ll try a Straight-Up in hopes of looking like the lovely 1960’s British models you see above.

I do have a few hair tricks of my own up my sleeve for days I can’t make it to Scottsdale Quarter. Keep in mind that I am not a licensed stylist. I just read a lot of mags and spend a lot of time messing with my hair.

Hair today, better hair tomorrow.

Hair Tip #1: Straight Hair Curls Much Better

My hair stylist Ray from Montelucia’s Joya Spa taught me this valuable trick: when you know you’ll be curling your hair with an iron, don’t dry it a round brush. It may feel weird, but tip your head upside down to get the volume and resist the urge to round brush it. Then, when you curl your locks with the iron afterward they’ll stay put for much longer, even without hairspray. Apparently when you round brush it you’re messing with your hair’s texture, which keeps it from holding curls.

Seriously the best book ever.

Always curl your hair towards the back, to keep it fresh and easy-looking. Curl it forward and you could end up in volume two of my favorite book- Bad Hair.

A Scunci can’t do this.

Hair Tip #2: Bungee Cords Make Stylish Ponytails

Ever notice how ponytails look way better when you’re holding them up with one hand than they do when you actually have your hair in a holder? It’s because you have to wind an elastic around it over and over, crushing whatever lift you might have given it with mousse or backcombing or what-have-you. No wonder it gets crushed and flattened and you look like you’re leaving the gym.

These may look simple, but they work wonders.

Bungee hair ties are awesome, because they keep your hair in the same position your hand does. Simply hold it like you want it, hook one end into your hair and wrap around til tight. Then simply hook the other end onto the first end. These also eliminate that it’s-too-loose-to-stay-in-but-too-tight-to-go-around-again thing.

Makes your hair spiderweb-chic.

Hair Tip #3: Teasing Brush

If you’re like me and your hair just won’t. be. big. enough., invest in a teasing comb or brush, like this Paul Mitchell variety. It works much better than your Mason Pearson or round brush. Beehive, here you comb (typo intended).

Everything you need for a fabulous ‘do-it-yourself.

Hair Tip #4: Updo Kit

This isn’t a tip as much as it is a total product obsession. This little RSession Pin-Up Girl Updo kit includes everything you need to create a huge bun (including a foam bun insert), pony or twist, including clips, hair ties, hair bungees, a teasing comb, headbands and all sorts of other goodies. Try, and let us know what you think!

Hair Tip #5: L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray

This beautiful can of perfect, perfect hair nectar was not available in the US for a long time, but made it’s appearance last year. It’s a fave of industry professionals and apparently they went through DOZENS of cans of it on the set of Nine. Everyone did look fab in that movie. I have and love it for flexible hold.

Oh, and speaking of George Michael…

I will do anything for the chance to bring up George Michael

Claire Tip: If you know me, you know I <3 <3 <3 George Michael. I even made my boyfriend sit through a concert of his in Madison Square Garden once. I think I still owe him for those three grueling hours.

Georgie just released a special gift for the Royal Wedding- a free single for download! The song is a sleepy cover of Stevie Wonder’s You and I- perfect for stressful work days or romantic dates. All he asks is that you make a charitable contribution to the Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton Charitable Gift Fund, if you can.

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