The Arrogant Butcher, Kate Spade Revamp and Water Bobbles

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By • Mar 10th, 2011 • Category: Dining and Cuisine

I had the absolute pleasure yesterday of trying out the newish Sam Fox restaurant downtown with some out-of-town folks from the MLB and their PR/ad agency Martz. In case you haven’t heard of it, it is called the Arrogant Butcher. Since I’m a vegetarian (and borderline vegan) Oregonian granola muncher, a restaurant with the word “butcher” in the name doesn’t sound extremely appealing. That said, the only thing I miss about eating meat is steakhouse-ey restaurants, so I was excited to give it a whirl.

Not so mod this time, eh Fox?

The decor is the antithesis of the modern eateries Fox Restaurant Concepts is famous for. Designed to look as if it’s been around for years, the interior isn’t minimalist and graphic design-ey like Sauce or Bloom, but more lived-in- with steel, woven fabrics and neutral leather. Anybody can walk into the Arrogant Butcher, whether it’s white collar folks meeting for lunch, sports fans stopping by for a bite before a Suns game, or light rail riders looking for a stiff drink.

To my happiness/dismay, A.B. makes plenty of delicious vegetarian bites, like soft pretzel nuggets (optional cauldron of bubbling cheddar), homemade kettle chips and other delectables. Devil. Another awesome and unique offering are their Seafood “Raw Bar” options, which you tick off on a list like rolls at a sushi restaurant. You can order individual shrimp, oysters and mussels, and also single kinds of cheeses and meats. After carbs central, I balanced it out with a salty and charred-tasting Brussels Sprouts and squash salad, sans bacon.

A must-try.

Hightail it downtown to this place, if you haven’t already. I was happy to find they are on Open Table, so I didn’t even have to worry about rezzies.

Now, I also must point out that our favorite trinket supply store, Kate Spade, has completely revamped their Web site, and has pineapple-ey goodies available for Spring and Summer. Is it wrong to salivate over fruit you can’t eat?

Lookin’ good, KS!

This Lemon Drop Small Framed Lella Clutch is surprisingly not obnoxious, for a highlighter yellow-colored handbag. Not quite sure how much will fit in this little guy, but you could cram in the essentials- a Visa, some glossage and house key.

Impractical looks good on you.

If you’d prefer something more noisy (figuratively and literally), stash your change in this Pineapple Coin Purse. Not sure who uses coins these days, or sequined coin purses for that matter, but it’s just too insanely adorable not to have stashed in a drawer someplace.


One of my favorite little perks is having a secret link to lookbooks of up-and-coming designer goodies. I’ll give you a sneak peek (not to be confused with peak, which means mountaintop [pet peeve]) at my favorite Kate Spade item coming out for this summer- a vintage postcard-inspired bangle! Nothing like having a real live vacation taking it easy on your arm while you write proposals or e-mail your peeps.

I wish I was there, too.

Before I go, I must share my greatest discovery of the year with you before more innocent Fiji bottles are purchased and destroyed. Water Bobbles!

Save the Aquafinas.

Americans toss a nauseating 1.3 million TONS of plastic water bottles per year, and think about how little water bottles actually weigh. Sidebar, they’re also insanely expensive. These recycled! “bobbles” have a magic built-in charcoal filter, so you can fill ‘er up just about anywhere (except maybe Mexico) and enjoy fresh, purified water. They are only $9.99 and are good about 300 bottles of H20, which equates to way less trash and way more cashola in your pocket. After you’ve hit the 300 bottles, simply buy replacement filters for $6.95 each.

I got mine at a Borders, frowney face, but you can pick yours up at American Apparel or the Water Bobbles site here.

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