Home Beauty & Style Style Should You Be Coordinating Your Outfits with Your Girlfriend?

At some point in your relationship, your girlfriend is going to turn to you and ask some variation of this question, “Should we color coordinate our outfits?”


To this question, you’ll have one of two reactions.

  • You may be overjoyed that she’s finally ready to break the fashion barrier and go out in an ensemble that tells the world, “Happy couples dress alike.”
  • Or, you’re going to face palm yourself and attempt to calmly explain that couples who go out matching often go down in flames.

If you’re in the first category: Congratulations! You understand that tastefully coordinating your outfits is classy and can make you both look cool. This isn’t to disparage the men in the second category, who’ve seen one too many elderly couples in matching tracksuits to feel completely comfortable with the idea of coordinating outfits. Of course, it’s possible for couples to over-coordinate and embarrass themselves. The trick is to coordinate with subtle details, such as a red tie to match her red cocktail dress.

Be Individuals Together

Everyone has their own individual style and that shouldn’t be compromised in a relationship. If a girl is asking you to color coordinate with her, go for it. If she’s asking to choose your style for you, calmly explain that you’re not going to trade in your sense of style for hers. If she can’t respect your individuality, coordinating outfits may never work between the two of you. It is possible to remain unique, while synchronizing your style. You simply need to learn what works together and what doesn’t.

Smart Style Choices

Coordinate colors without over-matching. Subtle color coordination is the easiest way to look cohesive. If she’s wearing a dominate color, make sure that color is in your details. It would look odd if you both stepped out in a large amount of purple, but it would be cool if your watch was purple and so was her dress.

If the Shoe Coordinates, Wear It. Of course you’re not going to strap on a pair of kitten heels. You’re a dude and unless you’re a cross-dresser, you’re not going to be comfortable in heels. That doesn’t mean your shoes can’t coordinate. From evening wear to casual, you need shoes that are going to coordinate style. Brooklyn based shoe company, DNA Footwear, recommends wearing the appropriate shoe for the right occasion. 

Don’t be afraid to shop with her. If you find something that you know will go great with your evening shoes, pick her up a pair to show her you’re ready to coordinate.  

What NOT to Wear

  • Do not go out in matching leisure clothing, such as matching t-shirts, hoodies or track suits. This screams “sad” and “old.”  
  • Do not make the mistake of wearing exact matching outfits. This is creepy and it’s super lame. Whether you’re wearing jeans and white collar shirts or all leather get-ups, don’t over-match. You and your girl should never match exactly, but rather gently coordinate with one another.