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Tucson Cine Mexico Film Festival
03.23.2013 09.30PM - 11.10PM
Harkins Theatres Tucson Spectrum 18 - Tucson
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Just like Halley’s Comet, Alberto’s days are numbered. He has been dead for years, but can no longer hide the fact. Perfume and make-up don’t help to mask his physical decline; the end is now final for this silent zombie. He decides to withdraw from life, which for him primarily consists of working as a night watchman in a 24-hour gym and gazing at the TV in a cheerless flat. His manager Luly, however, takes an interest in him and takes him out. The rather stiff friendship that emerges ensures an unexpected upturn in Alberto’s condition in the autumn of his undead existence. Halley is a contemporary Gothic story without spectacle, but with plenty of compassion.- Rotterdam

For more information please visit: tucsoncinemexico.org

Admission: FREE