There Goes Another APS Talking Point

Solar Style May 10, 2013 0


Our own Arizona Public Service has made it a point to say, when arguing the merits of ending its net metering, to look at what San Antonio (home of CPS Energy) is doing.

CPS Energy was planning to replace “net metering with a different plan called ‘SunCredits,’” according to the GreenTechSolar blog.

But it looks like CPS has had a change of heart. In a statement, the utility said: “CPS Energy has agreed to delay changes to its rooftop solar net metering program for one year as it works with local installers to come up with an equitable solution.”

Now it’s “forming a working group after having recently hosted a town hall with solar installers and stakeholders,” according to the blog. For Arizona solar, the net metering matter is being taken up by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

No word yet on what APS (Annihilating People’s Solar) thinks of this new development.

Next talking point, APS?

Here’s the full blog post:

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