The Gloves Come Off: APS Attacks its Solar Customers

Solar Style July 8, 2013 0


If the back-and-forth about solar’s future in Arizona was a brief conversation, it might go like this:

AZ SOLAR: “Because of the threat you see on the horizon from rooftop solar, you are asking the Arizona Corporation Commission to end net metering and therefore the solar industry as we know it in Arizona.”

ARIZONA PUBLIC SERVICE: “That’s a lie! We loooove solar. There’s a sign that says so at Chase Field, we have a (rate-payer-funded?) blog on our website that says it too. We would never try to destroy rooftop solar in Arizona.”

AZ SOLAR: “But your spokesperson just told Green Tech Media that you welcome the support of a Washington, D.C. consultant group that is attacking solar customers in Arizona.”

APS: “Well, we do love solar. We really do. But we’re afraid of what it means for our future. So we have a choice: kill solar or get killed. So we will kill solar but maintain publicly that we love it. Please don’t judge us.”

So that’s where the ball lies right now in the debate of solar’s future in Arizona. All you need to do is look who APS supports. For APS to support a consultant group that is attacking Arizona solar customers is all you really need to know. The mask is off. They really do want to kill solar.

Will the Arizona Corporation Commission do anything about it?

Read the whole article in which APS attacks solar customers here:

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