Bitter-Smith, ACC Stand Up for Arizonans

Solar Style May 13, 2013 0

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Congratulations to Arizona Corporation Commissioner Susan Bitter-Smith for doing the right thing and asking for a broader debate on net metering.

Now, Arizona Public Service will need to explain more thoroughly and to a wider audience its decision to change its policy about how rooftop solar power is paid, according to the Phoenix Business Journal.

The Journal wrote: “Commissioner Susan Bitter-Smith asked for the broader hearings because the APS net metering discussion requires a bigger forum and more public input.”

Bitter-Smith told the Journal: “This was a significant enough issue that we should not keep this encapsulated in the APS technical conferences,” she said.

She added, “The goal here is to make this as consumer friendly as possible,” according to the Journal.

With the ACC is taking steps in the right direction and sticking up for energy independence, will APS see the light on Arizona solar?

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