Arizona Public Service Totally Thinks We’re Not Smart (And Now There’s a Song That Says So)

Solar Style May 31, 2013 1


Arizona Public Service and their Washington, D.C. lobbyists continue to say one thing publicly–that they looooove Arizona solar–but it’s clear that their trade association thinks they’re threatened by it:

At least the Arizona Corporation Commission is sticking up to APS (Annihilating People’s Solar) by saying they want to take a closer look at the monopoly’s bid to end net metering. APS talks one way to their customers and turn around and sing a different tune to Wall Street. Turnabouts is a fitting term. They totally think we’re not smart. Hey, that could be a song…hey, that IS a song. Take a listen:

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  1. Mingxin May 20, 2013 at 8:05 am - Reply

    HA! Well sung!

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