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Adopt a Dog: Boxer and Mastiff mix

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Great beard of Odin! This guy is adorable! In Germanic mythology, Odin is a powerful god and the father of the deity (and Marvel superhero) Thor. In Arizona Humane Society lore, however, Odin is

rsz odin

an even kinder and gentler being, and a four-year-old Boxer and Mastiff mix to be precise. Whether it be human caretakers or even other dogs, Odin is a huge fan of having company around him, and doesn’t necessarily perceive himself to be the ruler of Asgard as much as he believes himself to be a small part of it. When finding friends and family with whom he can spend some time, Odin enjoys showing off the tricks he knows, as well as playing with his favorite stuffed toys. Come in and pay Odin a visit today at the Arizona Humane Society’s Sunnyslope location. It’s much closer than Asgard, and you won’t need to concern yourself with whether or not Loki is lurking nearby.