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Adopt a Dog: Shih Tzu

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Every pet that comes into the Arizona Humane Society is special, but every now and then, you have the chance to meet somebody who really helps remind you of life’s beauty. Bodhi is one such case. When brought into the care of the Arizona Humane Society by a Good Samaritan, Bodhi was a stray who needed rsz bodhi

immediate medical attention. The eight-year-year-old Shih Tzu underwent surgery that required both of his eyes to be removed, but has since made a full recovery and is ready for adoption. Among the many things that help make Bodhi so amazing is his resiliency (he continues to learn every day how to adjust to his new situation), as well as his genuine love for people. Bodhi will not hesitate to run right up to strangers and cuddle his tiny face into their much larger hands, and will even make a loving sound we can only compare to purring. Come visit Bodhi today at the Arizona Humane Society’s Sunnyslope location, and you’ll quickly understand why he makes life better for everybody who comes into contact with him.