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ASH Brewout: Beer Week Ends When We Say It Ends
02.24.2014 09.00AM - 02.00PM
Brewers Connection - Tempe
Food & Wine Events


It’s more than just Arizona breweries and pubs that are gearing up to celebrate the 4th Annual Arizona Beer Week this month. The nation’s largest group of homebrewers is based right here in Phoenix, and the Arizona Society of Homebrewers (ASH) has a full week of tasty – and educational – events for both its members and the general public.

This brewout is the unofficial end of Arizona Beer Week and is open to the public. Homebrewers have a time-honored tradition of breaking the rules and being unconventional, so we are hijacking beer week and extending it for an extra day.

ASH members will be replenishing their homebrew supplies and preparing beers for competitions. The public is welcome to join in brewing or just joining the fun and learning about the process.  For those interested in learning about all-grain brewing or just starting out, this is an excellent way to get up to speed.

Brewers Connection, 1425 E. University Dr – Tempe, AZ 

See more details at: http://club.azhomebrewers.org/events/beer-week-ends-when-we-say-it-ends-brewout-2014