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Get Fired Up For VisionQuest 20/20
Get Fired Up For VisionQuest 20/20
09.07.2013 - 09.07.2013 07.00PM
Fired Up Grill - Chandler
Charity/Benefit Events


VisionQuest 20/20, a valley based company recently named as one of CNBC's "Most Innovative Small Businesses Of 2013" is hosting a charity event to support children's vision screening. The non profit organization developed EyeSpy 20/20, a program that replaces the 150 year old eye chart with a video game technology that more effectively screens school children for vision problems, specifically amblyopia. 

Singer/Songwriter Rachel Brown will also be performing. Rachel suffered vision problems as a child -  going blind in her left eye as a child and eventually needing it to be removed completely. She worked with VisionQuest 20/20's founder Dr. O'Neil during her struggle and she is a proud supporter of the cause.