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Beyond the Frosting Workshops
09.06.2013 06.00PM
McDowell Mountain Ranch Community Center - Scottsdale
Health & Wellness Events


You are invited to go “Beyond the Frosting” and dive into the layers below. Did you know that upwards of 80% of women suffer with body image disorder, low self-esteem, or body obsession?  These four workshops will help you discover that you are enough, exactly as you are.  To take the first step, become more empowered, let go of comparison and the pursuit of perfection, embrace your body image and replace fear with courage.

Nassim Sana and Kristy Stabler have a combined 25 years making it their life’s purpose to empower women to create new possibilities and stop undervaluing themselves. Only once we enhance both our inner and outer beings, can we be a complete masterpiece.

To learn more and register: www.kristystabler.com/workshops
Beyond the Frosting Workshop flyer