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Evan Shinners
01.05.2013 07.30PM
Musical Instrument Museum - Phoenix
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Preconceptions of how Bach should be played fly out the window with the wildly talented pianist and 2010 Juilliard graduate Evan Shinners. His compilation of two live, unedited performances recorded at Juilliard and Rockefeller University last spring, called @bach, bursts with raw musicality, spontaneous and calculated virtuosity, and an ebullient energy. Shinners connects with today’s audiences in a way that has seldom been seen for a classical artist. Shinners can play anything from classical to jazz, from ragtime to Billy Joel. He is an avid performer of his own original music, influenced by Bob Dylan and Jack Kerouac. But it’s his special affection for Bach that drives his career. And his unconventional approach to life and music has drawn comparisons to another great Bach interpreter: Glenn Gould. Over the past few years, Shinners has been engaged in efforts to “Bach-upy” America.