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Marc Cohn
01.20.2013 06.00AM
Musical Instrument Museum - Phoenix
Grand Opening Events


Rebecca Pidgeon will open for Marc Cohn with a 30-minute set.

As a singer-songwriter, GRAMMY winner Marc Cohn combines the precision of a brilliant tunesmith with the passion of a great soul man. He's a natural storyteller, balancing the exuberant with the poignant, and he's able to distill universal truth out of his often romantic, drawn-from-life tales. Powerful stories with meaningful lyrics have been his hallmark since his debut album, which yielded classic songs such as "Walking in Memphis" and "Silver Thunderbird."

In 2007, he released one of his most critically acclaimed albums, Join the Parade, featuring hit single "Listening to Levon." His latest, Listening Booth: 1970, features beautifully reimagined classics from the 1970s. He finds the emotional essence in vintage songs by Lennon and McCartney, Cat Stevens, Van Morrison, Smokey Robinson, and more, transforming them into tracks that are warm, soulful, more than a little sexy, and full of easy-going charm.

Tickets: $37.50-47.50
Call 480-478-6000 or visit mim.org