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Events: Arizona - Phoenix - Scottsdale


Alien Worlds and Androids
09.17.2016 - 01.16.2017 
Arizona Science Center - Phoenix
Family Events


Are we alone? Alien Worlds and Androids brings guests faceto-face with worlds far beyond their own, and introduces the technology that takes them there. Engage in fascinating content, including: Are We Alone, Looking for Life in Space, Alien Life on Earth, Artificial Intelligence and Robots, Robot Space Explorers, Explore the Solar System, The Robotization of Planet Earth, I-Cyborg, and The Human Microbiome. See life-size replicas of Iron Man, C-P3O and R2D2. Construct an alien, touch a meteorite, work with a robotic arm, and sit in a POD to experience the incredible journey CURIOSITY endured to land on Mars! Alien Worlds and Androids is a production of GES and is located in Sybil B. Harrington Galleries.