Designer Resort-Style Pools

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By • Apr 2nd, 2010 • Category: Homes and Design

It is the perfect combination of lifestyle and enduring value. Your own custom pool will not only provide a lasting source of family pleasure, but it creates substantial value for your home.

Sheri Soares, co-owner of Fountain Hills, Arizona based Hydroscapes LLC says, “Our upscale clients are well traveled. They enjoy exotic resorts, then return home and want to recreate in their back yard the gorgeous environment they have just experienced.”

If you plan accordingly, creating a luxury environment at home can be a fun and enriching experience. Not only should the pool be a joy to use, but it should create the luxurious lifestyle you deserve. The design should both impress and be functional.

Getting the perfect design

But getting the design you want offers its challenges. Homeowners are often asked to make design decisions they have not anticipated. By doing some simple research and asking good questions, you can achieve the perfect design suited to your needs.

“Numerous options now exist when considering designs for a backyard pool. The traditional swimming pool is now replaced by a swimming haven,” states Gunter Walderon of

When you work with your builder in designing your installation, be sure to ask about the following options…

• Vanishing Edge Pools
• Perimeter Overflow Pools
• Waterfalls, Fountains & Other Water Features
• Rock Features
• Beach Entries and Baja Steps
• Pool House
• Fire pits
• Spas
• Glass Tile
• Unique Lighting Automation

Scanning the web and magazines can help you find examples of the look and features you may wish for your pool environment. Starting with a checklist of desired features and a thematic “look” will shorten the design process and ensure you are happy with the results.

Hydroscapes has found that carefully working with homeowners at the beginning is the key to success. According to award-winning designer Roger Soares II, “Design must be a part of the building process. Your designer and builder need to be on the same page, which is why we integrate both services in our business.”

Soares recently had a client who wanted the water to look like what he had seen in Bermuda. This was a challenge for a desert setting. “We experimented with a custom blend of glass tiles to recreate an entirely new look for our area. Samples were presented to our client, so that he could test them and make sure he was getting the perfect result,” stated Soares. Glass is essential to creating a luxury look and feel, but not all glass tiles are created equal. “We make sure that the color and mineral composition is just right, so that the desired effect is sustainable over time. And the client needs to experience how the look of glass changes over the course of the day, as the sun moves,” Soares continued.

Working with clients for a unique look is essential to lasting value and satisfaction. Visualizing a design before it is built can be a challenge, so patience by both homeowner and designer is important. A strong working relationship is critical to meeting the schedule and budget.

A significant design issue is construction cost. The good designer can work to a realistic budget, but a realistic budget may not be known until the design is well along. Beware of price quotes based on rules of thumb. There are too many variables to be precise until the design is defined. Quality materials cost more, yet provide sustained value. Unique features, such as those listed above, vary in price. By evaluating options, you can determine what is possible within your budget. Finally, local site conditions can affect cost. Steep sites may require extraordinary foundation work or expansive soils must be considered to avoid serious future problems.

Getting the design right before construction is important. Avoiding changes during construction will not only reduce frustration, but potentially save unwanted cost overruns.

According to Harry Spaulding, writing in Residential Design & Build magazine, “Today’s luxury homeowner wants an oasis offering luxury, state-of-the-art technology and an unreservedly captivating design.”

Do your homework; select a builder who can integrate the design process and you will be delighted with your new luxury pool – and lifestyle.
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