What to Wear on Vacation: Accessories

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By • Apr 7th, 2011 • Category: Sports and Leisure

Yep, still thinking about a tropical or European vacay. I hope you enjoyed my travel site tips yesterday, and are planning a Luxury Link or Rue La La vacation!

I always run into the little conundrum when gearing up for a vacation: Do I buy a vacation wardrobe, or spend my cashola on items from faraway places? The obvious answer is both. While you can’t leave a vacation without a souvenir, you also can’t wear boring old clothes in your vacation photos. You’re playing the part of a local! You need to look fabulous.


Could Ms. Bardot be any more fabulous?

Lucky for us, there seems to be a “1950’s Holiday in Capri” movement happening in fashion, with bright colors, lightweight fabrics and espadrilles by the ton up for grabs. All spring fashion is warm-weather chic, but this year seems to be making a shift from bohemian beachy to the preppy beachy. In the first of a two-part blog post, I’m sharing my favorite vacation staples for the year. Today: Accessories.


Hard to pack, but worth it.

Obviously, a hat is a go-to for vacations. They’re even worth the trouble of actually packing a hat. I love love LOVE this Eugenia Kim Max Straw Fedora. I’m not tired of fedoras yet, but it’s important to look current- this is different enough from that ubiquitous tan fedora with a black ribbon we all know so well.

Here, kitty kitty kitty.

Tom Ford’s Nikita Sunglasses ($360) are so deliciously retro, how could you resist? The exaggerated acetate frames keep from going over-the-top thanks to the go-with-everything tortoiseshell coloring. Plus, you and your gentleman friend will look like Don and Betty Draper having cocktails by the pool.


In colors True Love and Morrel

Love Quotes Scarves ($75-95) are the perfect summer accessory- they’re lightweight and easy for packing in a suitcase or tote, comfortable in the sun or a cool museum and perfect for covering your shoulders, when appropriate.


Less scary on than it looks, and it makes you feel tanner!

An easy touch that makes a big impact when painted on your short, oval nails: Essie’s Geranium polish. Super-retro for your trip, and adult-enough to look approp at the office when you return.

Huge tote bags are not always necessary on vacation.

The Eastward Avenue Kayla Straw Clutch ($225) from Kate Spade is beachy and summery, but because it’s a clutch it can go sightseeing or to dinner with you. Please resist the urge to fanny pack-it or buy one of those under-the-shirt passport holders.

Callista and Vonya (both $225)

Every time I turn on my computer it’s an internal struggle not to buy Kate Spade shoes. These little guys fall under the trend of this season’s “flatforms”, which are a flatter version of your usual platforms. They’ll keep your legs looking long without hindering your ability to keep up with your travel mates on your sightseeing strolls.

Hard-shell suitcases are worth a try, trust me.

Of course, you’re going to need a Globe-Trotter® Centenary 33″ Extra-Deep Suitcase with Wheels to keep all your fabulous vacationwear in. Built to withstand the weight of a one-ton elephant (for realsies!), the Globtrotter has a Vulcan Fibre shell and comes in tan or lemon yellow.

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