Get Inexpensive Legal Advice this Holiday Season

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By • Dec 21st, 2009 • Category: Sports and Leisure

Sadly, the holidays are certainly a time where legal advice can be much-needed.  Uncle John slips on your icy steps at Christmas dinner? Your folks cut you out of the will or the family business this year? Even the divorce rate jumps when the holidays come around. Whatever the case, quick legal advice is now just a click away:


JustAnswer®, the website where people go when they need answers from a verified attorney, and Nolo, the country’s leading publisher of how-to legal and business tools and the leading lawyer directory, unveil the “Ask a Lawyer” feature on “Ask a Lawyer” puts people in touch with hundreds of attorneys, who are willing to answer legal questions about everything from a unique issue in a divorce to how to interpret a clause in a commercial lease. The fee is determined by the questioner—starting as low as $18, far less than a visit with a lawyer.

“With the ‘Ask a Lawyer’ service now available on, people can ask a single question particular to their situation, and get an answer in minutes,” said Sigrid Metson, Vice President, Business Division at Nolo. “We’re happy to be one step closer to our goal of offering people help at every level with a service that is affordable, convenient and personalized—a great enhancement to our offerings.”

Nearly 40 years ago, Nolo pioneered the how-to law movement with its famously easy-to-use books, forms and software – all written in plain-English to help individuals, families and small businesses solve everyday legal and financial issues. Legal Experts on JustAnswer meet Nolo’s high standards: each attorney’s active license in good standing has been verified by one of two leading third-party verification companies, both of which are Global Fortune 500 companies. Like Nolo, JustAnswer’s “Ask a Lawyer” service expands access to legal information to nearly anyone with an Internet connection.

“Both Nolo and JustAnswer care deeply about making legal help accessible,” said JustAnswer CEO Andy Kurtzig. “We are thrilled to be working with Nolo to offer consumers fast and affordable one-on-one legal answers.”

“Ask a Lawyer” is currently available on via the pages of free legal articles accessible under “Free Legal Information On” on the homepage – the JustAnswer question box can be found at the bottom right-hand side of those pages. Legal Experts can be reached through JustAnswer’s homepage as well.

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