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By • May 16th, 2011 • Category: Editor En Route Feature

Who is your favorite?

Who doesn’t love a little bombshell as inspiration?

If there’s one figure in history whose boudoir I’d most like to pore over, it would be the iconic beauty Marilyn Monroe. My current obsession is the newly-released book MM-Personal, From the Private Archive of Marilyn Monroe ($35), an account of her most private posessions, from Joe Dimaggio-penned loveletters to artifacts, artwork and jewels. Author Mark Anderson reveals items once thought to be lost, shedding light on shades and nuances of America’s blonde beauty that have been hidden away for decades.

What would you imagine Marilyn stocked in her boudoir? Here are my current favorite beauty playthings, all inspired by a modern-day Marilyn. All are tried-and-true Claire Flair-approved.

Essie Fiji ($7) is a perfectly chalky, opaque pink, which leaves your hands and arms looking supertan. The second you paint it on, a sun-drenched Malibu Barbie fever comes over you. There’s something so summery and retro about it.

Obviously, there’s nothing more bombshell than a swooping cat-eye fringed with smoldering lashes. Lorac Front of the Line Pro ($22) is my go-to liner- it’s like a Sharpie, and doesn’t sit on top of your skin the way others do. Though I love how easy it is to use and how pitch-black the liner is, my favorite feature is its longevity. The liner itself lasts forever on your eyes, and the tube (with everyday use) lasts me a good six months.

The most paradoxical scent I’ve ever smelled, Frederic Malle’s Lipstick Rose ($210) is superficial and indifferent, while containing real substance- a juxtaposition that reminds me of Old Hollywood celebs. The moment you spray you’re overwhelmed by a powdery blast, followed by beautiful rose and violet notes and a genius hint of waxy lipstick. Images of a vanity mirror come to mind. The funniest part, I believe, is a sort of void the scent leaves- almost like it’s an emptiness meant to be filled with your own charisma. My new fave! <3

Who doesn’t love fake lashes? Shu Uemura Diamante Lashes ($30) take the most glamorous tool in your makeup bag up a notch, with some black Swarovski crystals.

Robert Jones Powder Puffs ($2.75) are fun to look at. Not sure how useful they are.

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