Birthday Goodies

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By • May 9th, 2011 • Category: Editor En Route Feature

Last Friday was my birthday, so I have some giftees and goodies to share! I am a lucky, lucky girl.

Though it was a bummer I couldn’t see them, my mom and dad surprised me with some glorious b-day prezzies. Among them were…

Lanvin? Malandrino?  DVF? None of the above.

This Asymmeticral Pleated Dress is perfect for cocktails (when paired with platforms and a clutch) or for work (when paired with wedges and a cardigan). You may be surprised where it’s from!

This blue isn’t a neutral, but it feels like one.

The Elevenses Late Seating Blazer from Anthropologie is so perfect for spring and summer. It’s a loose-ish fit, unlined linen and a super pretty, cotton candy blue. It has gentle ruching inside the 3/4 sleeves and is perfect for summery businessey affairs. Love!

Summery as can be.

Printed Boy Tee with ice cream-colored stripes matches the blazer and is reminiscent of a Martha Stewart photo spread or two I can remember. Sweet!

Monster Claire flares.

My mom also knows I exclusively wear pants that are too long, and that I enjoy super huge 70’s flares. I don’t know what came over me, but one day I decided the more tattered the bottom of my jeans are, the happier I am. My affection for trashed-chic clothing is probably the only thing about me that isn’t completely uptight. Rich & Skinny Sugar Hi-Rise in Tahiti are a high-waisted version of my signature bells, which I LOVE, because you can tuck just about any top into them and cover with a belt for a cinched waist. BONUS: They’re so comf.

Low-fat, believe it or not.

In addition to a few other goodies sent my way, my parents included this book: Skinny Dips. I have been obsessed with dips lately, which apparently runs in the family. There’s a family legend that one time five people joined my Grammy for a dinner party and for some reason she had an appetizer spread of seven homemade dips. This book is salsas, crudites, cheese dips, meat dips, and basically every other kind of dip you can imagine, all super low-cal, with nutrition facts listed. I’m excited to try the above dip, which is a low-fat spinach and parmesan dip.

Like some sort of divine miracle, I found these at Last Chance this weekend in perfect condition when I was spending a little birthday cash.

A Last Chance dream come true.

Behold, a pair of $595 Miu Miu patent leather rose pink pumps! These are currently full price on Net-a-Porter. I was rootin’ around trying to find something to accompany my new, frilly black dress for my birthday dinner when I found these. In my size. I’ve been drooling over them for months! It was one of those moments where you have to stop yourself from screaming. Snatched right up for more than 80% off. LC may be gross, I did see shoes with a Band-Aid on them there once, but the digging is SO worthwhile.

Finally, my boyfriend indulged my obsessive perfume fixation with a bottle from perfume God Frederic Malle. Beware that when you sniff these, you may not be satisfied with Sephora-grade scents ever again. I sound like a snob, but I’m just warning you. I’ve now had three readers tell me they smelled Carnal Flower because I suggested it and two of them have purchased. Careful.

My name is Claire, and I’m an alco-Malle-ic.

Good ol’ Teej picked Portrait of a Lady, a rosey, sandalwoody, patchouli-filled, musky scent. It is clean and modern, while remaining super complex and dark, which I love.

Thanks for the fab b-day giftees, Mom, Dad and Teej! 🙂

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  1. You’re the best daughter, ever!! Worth every penny.

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